Modern History

In the 7th Century AD, conquering Arabs Islamized the region. The famed Salah al-Din, who fought against the Crusaders and Richard the Lionhearted and who ultimately conquered Jerusalem, was a Kurd.

Early in the 16th century, most of the Kurds fell under the rule of the Ottomans while others remained under the rule of Persia.

Modern Kurds have experienced a taste of the brutality reminiscent of the Assyrian attacks of old during the Anfal Campaigns of 1987 and 1988, and the brutal rule of, Saddam Hussein.

However no power on earth can withhold the aspirations of forty million people indefinitely and today the Kurds enjoy a degree of freedom and self-rule that they have fought and struggled to regain for centuries. This is especially true of the Kurds who reside in Iraq who now exercise democratic values once again as a federally autonomous region with their own freely elected Parliament and President. After centuries of wandering in the wilderness of political subjugation, the Kurds have once again established the “rule of law” as their guiding light to the future.