National Holidays And Key Dates

Key dates in the Kurdistan Region’s history

  • 21st March: Newroz, Kurdish New Year celebrated on the spring equinox.

  • 5th March 1991: Uprising against Saddam Hussein’s regime, which began in the town of Rania.

  • 14th March 1903: Birthday of Mustafa Barzani, leader of Kurdistan’s national democratic movement.

  • 16th March 1988: Halabja Day, commemoration of chemical weapons bombardment on the city of Halabja.

  • 14th April: Commemoration of Anfal genocide campaign against the Kurds.

National holidays observed by KRG Council of Ministers in 2014

Ministries and government offices are closed. Businesses may also close.

Please note that of the national holiday falls at the weekend (Friday or Saturday), then the next working day is taken as the national holiday and government offices are closed.

  • 1st January: New Year’s Day

  • 6th January: Army Day

  • 24th January: Mouloud (Prophet Mohammad’s Birthday) *

  • 5th March : Uprising Day (Liberation of Ranya City)

  • 11th March: Liberation of Erbil City

  • 14th March: Mustafa Barzani’s Birthday

  • 21st - 23rd March: Newroz Kurdish New Year (Spring equinox)

  • 9th April: Baghdad Liberation Day (fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime)

  • 1st May: Labour Day

  • 14th July: Republic Day

  • 7th – 9th August: Eid-al-Fitr Feast (End of Ramadan. Estimated; according to lunar calendar) *

  • 14th - 17th October: Eid al-Qurban Feast *

  • 4th November: Muharram (Islamic New Year) *

  • 13th November: Ashura *

  • 25th December: Christmas Day

  • 31st December: Iraq Day (tentative; new public holiday announced by Iraqi Prime Minister)

Other important dates

These are working days at the KRG Council of Ministers, and businesses are open. Special events take place around the Region to mark these dates.

• 8th February: Ramadan Revolution Day

• 10th February: Kurdish Authors Union Day

• 18th February: Kurdish Students Union Day

• 1st March: Commemoration of Mustafa Barzani’s Death

• 7th March: Liberation of Suleimaniah City

• 8th March: Women's Day

• 13th March: Liberation of Duhok City

• 16th March: Halabja Day

• 20th March: Liberation of Kirkuk City

• 1st April: Assyrian New Year

• 14th April: Commemoration of Anfal genocide against the Kurds

• 16th April: Remembrance of Chemical Attack on Balisan and Sheikh Wasan

• 17th April: FAO Day

• 25th April: Anniversary of First Cabinet of Kurdish Government (1993)

• 13th June: Suleimaniah City Fallen and Martyrs Day

• 8th August: Ceasefire Day (end of Iran-Iraq War)

• 9th July: Start of Ramadan, month of fasting (estimated; according to lunar calendar) *

• 16th August: Establishment of the Kurdistan Democratic Party Day

• 3rd October: Iraqi Independence Day (National Day)

• 11th December: Establishment of Kurdish Women’s Union

* Follows the Muslim calendar, Islamic holiday dates are estimated only.