Newroz Festival

Newroz is a traditional celebration in Kurdish culture. Although many cultures in this part of the world have a springtime holiday, Newroz holds a special meaning for the Kurdish people. It marks the Kurdish New Year at the Spring Equinox starting 20 March, and is now a three day holiday of unity, hope and renewal in the Region. The ‘Newroz fire’ is the traditional Kurdish symbol of victory.

The Newroz myth recounts the Kurdish struggle against an evil ruler. When the Kurdish forces defeated the tyrant, they lit fires to transmit the good news to the people throughout the Region. The fire has therefore come to represent initiative and success, to symbolize freedom from oppression and to signify growth and revitalization.

The holiday is a celebration of nature and triumph of good over evil. Kurdish people wear colorful, traditional clothing and enjoy the natural beauty of their surroundings. Singing, dancing and picnics are particularly popular activities for rich, poor, young and old alike.