Dr. Layton is interviewed in Travel Trade Gazette

Dr Layton was recently interviewed by Travel Trade Gazette on their article on tourism in Iraq. Here are some excerpts:

Travellers in search of pristine nature and a rush of adrenaline have started to appreciate two commonly overlooked countries – Iran and Iraq....

A company that considers itself among the pioneers in capitalising on this vast potential is The Other Iraq Tours, a Kurdistan-based inbound luxury travel agency, which is now reaping the benefits of its timely and proactive involvement in showcasing the region in a different light. Co-owner, The Other Iraq Tours, Douglas Layton told TTG that 2012 was the best year ever in terms of business levels, and 2013 is expected to exceed all previous years. “We are expanding our stable of trained guides in anticipation of the increase in bookings, and for the first time we have actually had to turn down business because we were fully booked,” he explained.

Traditional markets for Layton’s company have been Europe and the US, however this seems to be changing: “We are now the representative of a new adventure tour company based in Dubai and we expect a significant increase in regional tours,” he revealed.

Reflecting on the future of adventure tourism in the country, Layton said: “One of the indicators of a brilliant future for adventure tourism in Kurdistan is the government conferences that have been held in London to promote tourism investment - which already stands at billions of dollars.”

Click here to download PDF version of the July 2013 issue.