A Post-Covid Message from the Founder and CEO of Explore Mesopotamia

Dear fellow adventurers

Covid has taught us many things, i.e., washing our hands every 15 seconds and many other vital life habits.

Seriously, the most important thing we have learned as adventure travellers is that it is vital who you travel with as Adventure Travel, by its very nature, often has unforeseen difficulties that must be overcome.

Explore Mesopotamia is the first-ever inwardly focused Tour Company in the Kurdistan Region and the only company that has survived the crises of ISIS and, most recently, Covid-19.

Having personally led tours in Kurdistan for over 30 years and worked as Iraq Country Director for numerous projects, including for the Kurdistan Regional Government and the US State Department, I have learned that having connections at the top is essential when things need to be fixed. Some run tours in Kurdistan when things are going well who are self-appointed “fixers”, but when a crisis arises, they tend to disappear only to reappear when the crisis has passed. The real fixers are those who have the experience and connections to fix things truly and who remain in business throughout the difficult times as well as the good. Explore Mesopotamia is that company.

Kurdistan is now past the Covid-19 crisis, and things are returning to normal. All countries are now welcome to Kurdistan, and many flights are arriving every day.

We invite you to join us in this amazing land. We know you have choices when deciding with whom to travel. Our pledge to our clients is to constantly strive to provide the best of every aspect of Adventure Travel, including the best service, the best hotels, and the best guides. We are committed to providing the highest level of safety and security for our guests.

Most importantly—you can count us to be here for you today and through every bump that comes along the way.

Travel with the best. Travel with Explore Mesopotamia!

Douglas Layton
Founder and CEO