Day Five - Rawanduz Pank Resort

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A buffet breakfast will be served before departing from Duhok in the main restaurant

Check out of Hotel

Depart for the ancient city of Amadiya (dating from Assyrian era) located on a high promontory above a breathtaking landscape and fed by a geothermal spring originating far below the mountain. 90 Km northeast of Duhok; about 1400 m above sea level it was once an almost impenetrable fortress. The city Gate (Bab Zebar) is located in the eastern side of the City of Amadiya. Its width was 4 meters, built by Imaduddin Al- Zanki in 5-600 AD. A minaret is located in the middle of Amadiya. It is 30 meters high. The Islamic ornamentation (arabesque) is clearly seen on the minaret. It is said that it was built in the time of Sultan Hussein Wali Amadiya as part of an already existing ancient city.

Pass by a third Century Synagogue and enjoy tea by the Sulav Waterfall

Lunch at Kurdistan Restaurant 30 minutes from Amadiya

Depart for Rawanduz through breathtaking scenery in the region of Barzan where you will meet a local official and see the Mullah Mustapha Memorial (Father of modern Kurdistan) and continue through Soran passing by Shanidar Cave where some of the world’s first pre-historic remains were discovered.

Check into the Pank Resort Hotel

Dinner in the resort’s Pasha Restaurant

Evening – Enjoy the facilities of the resort including (if you wish) a toboggan ride through the deepest gorge in the Middle East