Day Two - Erbil

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Breakfast at hotel's main restaurant

9:00 AM – Depart for the 7000 year old Citadel of Erbil.

Visit Civilization museum and Chooli Minaret

Take lunch at one of the well known local restaurants

Tour the famous Textile Museum in the Citadel. The museum, housed in a 220 year old residence features ancient Kurdish fighting tools, traditional dresses, handmade rugs from different regions and eras of Kurdish history, jewelry and photos. In addition to Kurdish antiquities there are a number of pieces from Iran and Turkey.

Tour of Erbil’s Ancient Citadel – the oldest continuously inhabited city on earth (There are cities as old but not continuously inhabited). Erbil Citadel was once a Sumerian City called Urbellum or Arbella (4 gods) and it is believed that Abraham passed through this city on one of his journeys. It also once housed the Temple of Ishtar.

Depart for Dwin Castle, the ruins of a fortress built by Salahadin

Dinner at a fine local restaurant