Treasures of Kurdistan

Day Eight - Erbil

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Depart for the ancient Qizqapan Cave and old Jewish city of Koisinjak en route to Erbil. Old Jewish house and Caravanserai (Hostel on the ancient Silk Road)

Lunch in The Bakery and More restaurant serving Lebanese, local and Int’l cuisine including pizza and various salads (Owned by Lebanese businessmen)

Over night in Erbil

Day Seven - Sulymani

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Breakfast in the hotel’s main restaurant on the top floor

Visit the infamous Red House where Saddam tortured and killed thousands of Kurds.

Visit Sulymani Museum to view Kurdistan’s largest collection of antiquities displaying local items dating back thousands of years. We have arranged for the group to meet with director (depending on availability) who will talk about how the home of irreplaceable treasures has withstood looting in chaotic times. There are other museums in Kurdistan but nothing to equal this one in Sulymani.

Lunch at Cultural Centre

Day Six - Sulymani

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Breakfast in the resort’s Pasha Restaurant

Drive through the Hamilton Road, see Bekhal and Gali Ali Beg waterfall

Depart for Sulymani via the beautiful lake Dokan

Lunch at Kosrat restaurant in Dokan

Visit the Sulymani Zamwa Art Gallery and Sulymania Bazaar

Check into Hotel

Dinner at Hotel main restaurant

Day Four - Duhok

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Breakfast in the hotel’s main restaurant

Visit Al Qush and see the tomb of Nahum next to the Mar Gorgis Monastery and Mar Mekha Church (third Century) and the third century Monastery (Hormizd) in the mountains above the tomb. Six hundred monks once inhabited the caves around the Hurmizd Monastery.

Enjoy lunch in Duhok’s Malta Restaurant serving traditional Kurdish fare as well as other dishes.

Visit Gara mountain that overlooks amazing touristic towns of Solav, Ashawa, Aneshki, and Bamerni.

Return to Hotel.

Day Three - Duhok

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Breakfast at hotel’s main restaurant and CHECK OUT OF HOTEL

Departure to the Dayro d-Mor Matay Monastery (St. Matthew’s Monastery (third Century) for a tour conducted by the Monastery’s Monks

Depart Monastery for Gaugamela – site of the famous battle between King Darius III and Alexander the Great which ended the Persian Empire

Xaringeha Niruj restaurant for lunch

See Jirwan – the oldest aqueduct and bridge ruin in the world built in the time of Sennacharib. Visit Lalish – pilgrimage site of the Yezidis who are descendants of the Zoroastrians

Day Two - Erbil

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Breakfast at hotel's main restaurant

9:00 AM – Depart for the 7000 year old Citadel of Erbil.

Visit Civilization museum and Chooli Minaret

Take lunch at one of the well known local restaurants

Tour the famous Textile Museum in the Citadel. The museum, housed in a 220 year old residence features ancient Kurdish fighting tools, traditional dresses, handmade rugs from different regions and eras of Kurdish history, jewelry and photos. In addition to Kurdish antiquities there are a number of pieces from Iran and Turkey.

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