The Road Through Kurdistan exit Turkey

Afternoon: Arrive at Erbil’s new International Airport from Vienna and check into the hotel.

Meet with the tour scholar.

Evening: A buffet dinner will be served at the hotel’s restaurant.

Morning: Breakfast in the hotel’s restaurant.

Orientation and lecture on Kurdistan’s history. Discover the Kurds’ relationship with the ancient Medes and early experiments in democracy. 

Tour of Erbil’s 8000 year old Citadel – the oldest continuously inhabited city on earth.

Afternoon: Take lunch in the Citadel or at a nearby restaurant.

Tour the famous Textile Museum in the Citadel. The museum, housed in a 220 year old residence features ancient Kurdish fighting tools, traditional dresses, handmade rugs from different regions and eras of Kurdish history, jewelry and photos. In addition to Kurdish antiquities there are a number of pieces from Iran and Turkey.

Visit the Covered Bazaar  

Evening: Dinner.

Morning: Breakfast.

Depart for a monastery dating from the 4th century AD.  Meet the monks that live on the premises.

From here continue on to the site of Gaugamela and hear a lecture on the famous battle between Alexander the Great and Darius III.

Afternoon: Lunch in Erbil.

After lunch enjoy a general orientation tour of the city of Erbil.

Evening: After dinner, drive a miniature Formula I if you are up for a little excitement.

Morning – Breakfast at the hotel.

Visit an ancient Jewish city and a prehistoric cave en route to Sulaymani.

Afternoon: Lunch.

Upon reaching Sulaymani see the Red-House – site of Saddam’s torture chambers.

Evening: Dinner at the hotel's restaurant.

Morning: Breakfast at the hotel.

Visit the Museum of Antiquities, Kurdistan’s finest collection of antiquities.

Depart for the town of Halabja.

Afternoon: Return to Sulaymani and eat at a well-known local restaurant serving a buffet lunch.

Afternoon – Shop in the Bazaar and see Zamwa Art Gallery (local artists on display).

Evning: Dinner will be at one of Sulaymani’s finest restaurant.

Morning: Breakfast at hotel.

Depart for Rawanduz driving north through the scenic Christian Resort of Shaqlawa.

Afternoon: Lunch at a local restaurant.

Evening: Check into a resort in Rawanduz.

Dinner will be at the resort’s restaurant.

Morning: Breakfast.

Take a scenic drive on the winding rock-cut Hamilton Road to a number of local villages and waterfalls. Spectacular views, warm and welcoming people and pure, clean air make this an extremely attractive part of Kurdistan and a very enjoyable day.

Afternoon: Enjoy a picnic lunch overlooking the dramatic valleys of Gali Ali Beg.

Return to the hotel mid-afternoon and enjoy some of the facilities of the hotel.

Evening: Dinner.

Morning: Breakfast.

Depart for city of Duhok.

Climb to a cave where discoveries were made of Neanderthal remains -  one of the most important Neanderthal sites in the world

Afternoon: Lunch.

Visit the city of Amadiya (dating from Assyrian era) located on a high promontory above a breathtaking landscape and fed by a geothermal spring originating far below the mountain. 

Evening: Dinner at the hotel.

Morning: Breakfast.

Depart for the main pilgrimage site of the world’s Yezidis - descendants of the Zoroastrians.

See caves dating from the time of Sennacharib and located next to the headwaters of the Aqueduct that fed Nineveh and the palaces of the king.

Afternoon: Lunch.

See the oldest aqueduct in the world built by the Assyrian emperor Sennacherib.

Visit an ancient monastery and Nahum's tomb.

Evening: Dinner.

Morning: Breakfast.

Explore Duhok this morning.

Visit the newly built University of Duhok as guests of the University President (subject to availability).

Afternoon: Lunch.

Drive to ancient site of Zoroastrian fire worshippers. Remains of an irrigation/canal system can also be seen.

Time permitting we will stop at Duhok’s bazaar.

Evening: Dine at one of Duhok’s finest restaurant.

Morning: Breakfast.

Depart for the Jewish town of Zakho, See the ancient bridge crossing the Habur River.

Take a short drive to the border with Turkey bidding Iraqi Kurdistan farewell.